The Synagogue of Liben |

The Liben Abbey stands in the commune of Prague 8 at the Palmovka junction. Today it is acclimated several times a year by associates of the Prague Jewish community– mostly the Czech Union of Jewish Youth. It was acclimated for adulatory the barbecue of Passover in the bounce of 2017 / 5777.

Jewish association of Liben

After accident the war with Prussia during the administration of Maria Theresa, about all of Silesia was lost. Anger was directed adjoin the Jews. They were criticized for “helping the enemy”, and an edict was issued to accuse the Jews, aboriginal in 1744 from Prague, and afresh the accomplished of Bohemia in 1745. The accusation was to yield aftereffect in blaster days. It was declared that the 10,000 citizenry had to move to a ghetto. At the time, they comprised a division of the city’s population. The Jews could achieve for at atomic 2 hours from the city-limits gates, and had to absorb the night there and alone a day in the city-limits to accord with the formalities bare to evict.

The absolute banishment but did not appear because Prague was so abased on the banking affairs with Jews. Trade relations were compromised. Marie Terezie was beneath burden from all kinds of institutions and states to allure the Jews back, which she did in 1748. However, several dozens of families had already been congenital in Liben, and a ghetto in Liben was established.

Ghetto and Old Abbey

Although the Jews eventually returned, Liben’s Jewish association became the additional a lot of important Jewish centermost in today’s Prague. The Liben’s ghetto was amid amid today’s streets Voctár, Kozeluzska, Vojen and the now-defunct Jirchárské and Kozní. In Kozeluzska Street, which was the centermost of the ghetto, there was an old synagogue, of which advice about it is scarce. However, like the accomplished Jewish settlement, it was in a adverse location, as it was generally abounding by floods from the Vltava River. It was burst in 1862, several years afterwards the architecture of a new one.

New Abbey

The foundation rock for the architecture of the new abbey was laid on November 23, 1846 in the attendance of Archduke Stepan, above the abuttals of the aboriginal ghetto. The architecture lasted for twelve years and was acclaimed in 1858. The architecture was congenital in Neo-Romanesque appearance with oriental elements, in the spirit of adventurous historicism, a actual fashionable appearance at that time. An alleyway with low copse led to the access to the entrance.

The architecture itself is almost simple. It is monothilic with alone one storey, and is accomplished with a saddle roof. The façade originally had a abundant richer adhesive that did not survive time. The autogenous has a basilic shape, replicating the central of a Christian church, and its adjustment is aggressive to Jerusalem, in the administration of which is concluded by the aron.

Synagogue before, during and afterwards the Holocaust

The casework were captivated actuality for Liben citizens of the Jewish adoration continuously until World War II. In the 1930s, for example, Arnošt Lustig and Helga Hošková-Weissová, both of whom were still children, were accessory the Abbey regularly, abnormally on High Holidays. Both of them are acclaimed Lebanese natives. In 1941, the Liben Synagogue, as able-bodied as all others in the Protectorate, was bankrupt and adapted into a barn of confiscated Jewish property.

After World War II, it was not adequate to a abode of faith. The abbey remained a barn for bake-apple and after backdrops abreast the Theater beneath Palmovka. In the 1950s, sculptor Bohumil Hrabal generally backward there. In the airy atmosphere of the 1960s, the abbey active the arcane and abstract debates and workshops of Bohumil Hrabal, Egon Bondy and Vladimir Boudnik.

After the anarchy in 1989, the abbey was abandoned and partially restored. It began to be acclimated afresh for cultural and religious purposes, and will hopefully be connected in the future.

Liben is one of the a lot of important centers of the Jewish association in Prague. It is an ideal breadth for kosher tours in the Czech Republic due to the affluent history and ancestry that the humans accept in the area. One notable Jewish battleground is the Liben Synagouge.

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